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Enjoy watching this week’s video and here are some discussion questions for afterwards, along with a quick prayer!

Week 3 Bible Story: Jesus Travels to the Home of Zacchaeus

Isaiah 43:2

Discussion Questions and Prayer Below:

  • How did friendship with Jesus change Zacchaeus’s life? (Answer: Jesus showed Zacchaeus love and friendship, and the joy of that friendship changed Zacchaeus for the better. )
  • What actions can you take to show your friendship with Jesus? (Answer: Reaching out with kindness and friendship, which can bring joyful change in others, and it brings us joy, too! It’s one of many ways we can be part of God’s work and share God’s love.)
  • What job did Zacchaeus have? (Answer: Tax Collector)
  • Why did Zacchaeus climb the tree? (Answer: He could not see Jesus over the crowd.)
  • What did Jesus do when he saw Zacchaeus? (Answer: Invited him to come down from the tree and spend time together.)
  • What did the people do when Jesus said he would stay at Zacchaeus’ home? (Answer: They grumbled.)
  • How can we see people differently as Jesus did? (Answer: We know we are all sinners, but just like Jesus, we can get to know them better and bring them joy.)
  • Do you think Jesus found joy in how friendship changed Zacchaeus? (Answer: Yes, because of the change he saw in Zacchaeus.)
  • What are some ways you can share joy with others? (Answer: Having someone stay in your home can be an exciting way to get to know someone and make a new and long-lasting friend, like Jesus did. What are other ways?)


Heavenly Father, thank you for sending Jesus down to earth to help us see what it means to be a friend to all people. We ask for your help in being more like Jesus each day and that we can help spread your love and joy to others. Thank you Lord, and we love you. Amen. 

Week 2 Bible Story: Jesus Accepts Mary and Martha

Luke 10: 38-42

Week 1 Bible Story: Jesus Calls the Disciples

Matthew 4: 18-25