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Naz Milestones…A Roadmap for Families

Milestones are those special moments in your life that you celebrate and mark a time of growth and change. Naz Family Ministry has identified 8 major faith milestones in the life of our children and families. We are seeking to be intentional about celebrating and providing guidance and education at each of these markers.

Baptism-First Milestone (as scheduled with Lori Fegley/pastors)

  1.  Training:  class prior to baptism with parents, pastors, family coordinator(3x a year, spring, summer, fall)
  2. Ceremony:  Baptism
  3. Family Essentials:  letter to child (first of 8 that will then be given to child at graduation…a guide/reference sheet will be provided for the parent along with a folder to keep letters in.  Staff will color coordinate letters for easy distribution); connect with a small group or study

Preschool Orientation (August-letter is sent to parents)

  1.  Training:  meeting with parents to explain kidzrock, kidcheck, and their role as parents at this stage
  2. Ceremony:  parents are provided with a preschool devotional that they can give to their child in a special way and start reading with them
  3. Family Essentials:  daily prayer with child, bible reading, family meal time, table talk questions, letter to child (2nd of 8)

Kindergarten Rite of Passage (August-Sunday prior to school, letter is sent to parents)

  1.  Training:  letter in “kit” and offer opportunity to contact/meet with staff as needed/questions
  2. Ceremony:  prayer at church service with Parents behind the child; survival kit will be given at this time
  3. Family Essentials:  Kindergarten “survival kit” provided, letter to child (3rd)

Second Grade Bibles (Sept/Oct-letter is sent to parents with details and dates)

  1.  Training:  Bible Teaching Class with parents (2 sundays)
  2. Ceremony:  Receive Bible during church service 
  3. Family Essentials:  complete homework with child and learn about Bible together, letter to child (4th), daily devotions

Fifth Grade Communion (Spring)

  1.  Training:  class taught by pastors
  2. Ceremony:  First communion received during Maunday/Thursday service 
  3. Family Essentials:  parent shares with their child their faith walk and how they came to Christ (could be done during a special meal), letter to child (5th), daily devotions/Bible study

Purity (7th grade) (TBD)

  1.  Training:  “Real Talk” at Chaos for students
  2. Ceremony:  TBD
  3. Family Essentials:  6th letter

Confirmation (9th grade-spring semester)

  1.  Training:  Confirmation classes
  2. Ceremony:  Confirmation Sunday
  3. Family Essentials:  letter to child (7th), road trip with parent

Graduation (12th grade)

  1.  Training:  TBD
  2. Ceremony:  Graduation
  3. Family Essentials:  final letter (8th) and gift of all letters to child.  

Meals for Moms:

Who:  Moms that are members, attendees, or referred by members (based on staff/volunteer availability) that have recently had a baby; preferably in the first 6 months after birth.  These may be first time moms or not.  To start this will be the role of the Family Coordinator to make visits and may grow into a volunteer outreach/ministry.  

Where:  Moms in their homes after having a baby in the Waterloo/Cedar Falls Metro area.  Anything further travel would be at the discretion of the Children’s Ministry team.

What:  Family coordinator or volunteer would make contact with new mom to offer a visit.  This would consist of providing a 1-2 time visit to moms after having a baby to offer support, prayer, encouragement, community and frozen meal*.  Frozen meal option would be asked about prior to visiting and thus delivered at visit.  This can be an opportunity for Children’s Ministry team to make contact with these families, welcome their child into the Naz family, provide resources within and outside the church for parents which may include nursery options, baptism, mom’s groups/parents groups, reading materials, and Right Now media plan.  Family coordinator/volunteer will provide comprehensive handout with these resources.  Provide copy of Home Grown:  Handbook for Christian Parenting (or comparable book as determined by Children’s Ministry team)**. As of 7.5.19 Devotional for Moms is provided (Daily Bread production)

When:  Meet with moms from birth-12 months as availability allows for family and staff.  Visits to last from 20-60min depending on support needed and questions asked.  

How:  Referrals can be made by staff that are aware of new births in the congregation, church members, and self referrals.  Referral will require some basic information including:  name, address, phone number, date of birth of new baby, and noting whether this is a first time mom or not if known.  

Why:  Visits are made in order to further the mission of Naz by making Christ known.  The hope is to make this connection with parents at the beginning of their journey, start to equip them with the tools they need to disciple their children in the home beyond what the church is able to provide on a weekly basis and introduce them to programing for children/parents at Naz.  

*Frozen meal is TBD based on volunteer participation/coordination in making meals that can be delivered.  

**Book availability TBD by Children’s Ministry budget.

POW (Parents on Wednesday):  POW is a parent-led small group that meets Wednesday nights during other children’s programming.  This group studies a variety of topics from gospel principles to technology and our kids.  We aim to find topics that are relevant to parenting today and provide an opportunity to engage and find community at Naz in order to develop our own faith. 

There is programming for the kids whose parents attend POW led by Nolan and Kim and Nursery is available for the younger ones. Contact to sign up.

Would you like to be intentional about addressing the challenges of parenting in a digital media-obsessed culture? Do you want to have a plan in place for helping to guide your children to use social media and digital communication the best possible way? Are you open to looking at social media as a tool for spreading the Good News of Jesus?

We encourage your family to gather together to discuss and put together a Family Media Plan specifically created to work well for your own family. Use the resources below to discuss practical tips for using social media and technology and to have conversations about the Biblical connections to these issues.

With questions, please email Meg Husted at

Check out these resources:

Time as Treasure: Creating a Family Media Plan

Digital Content Concerns: Making Positive Choices as a Family

Bullying and Social Media: Planning a Family Strategy

Sharing the Good News: Using Social Media and Technology to Share the Love of Christ