Blessed Beginnings is seeking Childcare Associates who are available to work mornings and afternoons (7 a.m. to 6 p.m.). 

Please submit your inquiry and/or application to Kate DeMartino at or by mail to:

Kate DeMartino
Blessed Beginnings
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Internships at Nazareth Evangelical Lutheran Church

Why does Nazareth offer internships?

We believe in “equipping the saints for the work of ministry,” as it says in Ephesians 4:12. Nazareth Evangelical Lutheran Church is eager to hand ministry on to a new generation of leaders. Everyone benefits from internships. The intern grows more confident in his or her professional skills and as a follower of Christ. The ministries gain skilled workers as they cultivate young, ministry-minded leaders equipped for service in the church.

What do the interns do?

Interns participate in a variety of ministry environments. Some edit and create videos, some assist with communications to promote Nazareth and its ministries, still others participate in the planning and execution of ministry programs and coordinate ministry logistics. Interns are expected to work ten hours each week during the academic year. This includes attending department and/or staff meetings, one-on-one coaching with a supervisor and completing assigned ministry tasks.

Who supervises the interns?

Interns must pass an interview process overseen by the Administrator of Nazareth. Those selected are assigned to a paid Nazareth supervisor who meets with the intern each week to provide encouragement and direction. Each semester, interns receive a thorough, written review of their performance.

Can students intern more than one year?

Students who have successfully completed a year-long internship at Nazareth may apply for another year and be considered along with other intern candidates for that year.

Do interns get hired into jobs at Nazareth after they are done interning?

Interning at Nazareth does not guarantee a job on staff here. However, successful completion of a year-long internship at the church may enhance one’s resume and will certainly provide a working understanding of ministry systems and healthy church culture.

Do you need to be a member of Nazareth or even a Lutheran to be an intern?

No, one need not be a member of Nazareth, or a Lutheran. However, familiarity with the Christian faith and Nazareth culture may offer an advantage in the interview process.

I do not believe in God. Can I get an internship at Nazareth?

Yes, even students who are not Christian may apply. However, please realize part of the internship involves exploring matters of faith and learning to lead in a faith-based non-profit environment.

Can I get academic credit for a Nazareth internship?

An internship at Nazareth may or may not be independent of an internship that may be required as part of an academic program. However, it may be possible to receive academic credit for work at Nazareth so long as the student has fulfilled any degree requirements, sought pre-approval and completed the necessary paperwork with their institution of higher learning.

How can I become an intern at Nazareth?

College students desiring to serve as an intern must submit the Nazareth Internship Application and successfully complete the selection process to be placed into an internship.