2020 Vision


Early in 2020, The Nazareth 2020 Vision Team shared a set of recommendations with the Nazareth Church Council. The Church Council is in the process of reviewing and refining these recommendations throughout the summer of 2020 in preparation for bringing a final set of recommendations to the congregation in September. The Church Council will be taking up this topic at their June meeting.


Throughout the month of December, congregation members were invited by the 2020 Vision Team to attend “COTTAGE MEETINGS” The purpose for these “Cottage Meetings” was to give the 2020 Vision Team the opportunity to describe how the Congregational Assessment Tool (CAT) results fit into the larger 2020 Vision process, to share an overview of the CAT results and to seek additional input from Nazareth community members. The 2020 Vision Team expresses their wholehearted thanks to all Nazareth community members who attended and contributed to these meetings.

The Nazareth Church Council appointed twelve members of the Nazareth family of faith to the Naz 2020 Vision Team in April of 2019. This team has been gathering to pray, to build relationships with one another and to meet on a regular basis. In these meetings, they will continue to prayerfully review Nazareth’s current mission, vision and guiding principles, to facilitate the administration of congregational and staff assessments and to bring together additional teams that will help to provide a focus on God’s future for Nazareth.

  • Kaye Englin
  • Brian King
  • Kori Koop
  • Ken Lockard
  • Troy Olson
  • Ali Parrish
  • Sally Schmoll
  • Arlene Schwarzenbach
  • Laura Sohl-Cryer
  • Hank Wellnitz
  • Dave Welter
  • Bill Wood

As we head into 2020 and into the following year to celebrate Nazareth’s 150th anniversary, we are excited to reflect on all God has done in and through the people of Nazareth and to discover where He is calling us forward as we wholeheartedly open our hearts and our minds to His good and perfect will.

With any questions, all are welcome to connect with a member of the 2020 Vision Team or the Church Council.


The document below includes a compilation of the information collected by the 2020  Vision Team on the Thankful For/Hopeful For cards distributed in August of 2019 – these were all prayed over during the Prayer and Praise Celebration at the end of August.


“Where there is no vision, the people perish”

Proverbs 29:18 KJV

A message from Pastor Brian King:

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

Grace to you and peace from God our Father and our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ!

Recently, I was leading a Blessed Beginnings Chapel service for the children on Deuteronomy 31:6 which says, that “God will never leave you nor forsake you.”  Seeking to make the point that with the exception of God’s love, most things in life “expire” or come to an end, I referenced the fact that over time flowers fade, milk sours, and buildings and bodies wear out. I then reached into my pocket to show that even driver’s licenses expire only to discover that mine had indeed expired… months ago (I was a bit embarrassed, but the kids thought that was hilarious)!

So, this afternoon I went to renew my license at the DOT in Waterloo and part of that process included a vision test:

DOT Clerk: “Mr. King, please read line number one for me.”

Me:  “6548 9567 3899”

DOT Clerk: “Okay, tell me if you see a light and which side you see it on.”

Me: “Right, left, left, left, right, left, right, right.”

As our 149th year of fall Bible study, worship, service and Christian education begins here at Nazareth we too are engaged in a vision test – a process we are calling “20/20 Vision”. 

As I have personally discovered at age 49, one’s eyesight can dim and change with age and we don’t always read what is in front of us as clearly as we once did.  We can even lose sight of the light and discover that our field of vision is cloudy or dark.  This can happen with congregations too!  And just like renewing a license and having a fresh vision test, our Nazareth family is being asked: “Okay, tell me what you see… can you see the light and which direction it is coming from?”

Nearly 100 Nazareth members are serving on our 20/20 Vision Team and 7 different task forces to help us answer that question and to correctly identify where God is shining a light on Nazareth’s preferred future.  Many of you are already a part of this process. Many of you participated in our recent week of prayer.  All Nazareth members will have an opportunity to complete this Congregational Assessment Tool (CAT/Survey) during the month of September.  It is our hope that through these various efforts your honest and prayerful feedback will enable us to correctly “see” what God has in store for us in the years ahead.

This is truly an exciting time to be part of what God is doing through Nazareth and as we collectively seek God’s guidance through this 20/20 Vision process we invite you to join in praying this prayer:

Dear Heavenly Father,

…we are grateful for the Spirit-led vision our ancestors had to immigrate to the Cedar Valley and form this faith community we call Nazareth.
…we are thankful for the Holy Spirit moving us as times have changed and for allowing us to be open to creativity and freedom in sharing the Gospel of Jesus faithfully.
…we pray that we continue to follow the example of our ancestors in seeking the Holy Spirit’s wisdom through all our trials and triumphs.
…we pray that You will strength our trust in one another as we continue to live into Your vision for our future. 

In the Name of Jesus,


Prayer and Praise Celebration – August 25, 2019

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