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Sunday Worship Services are at 9:00 a.m. and 10:45 a.m.

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  • Sunday, October 22:  Faith Full (Ingathering Sunday).......Pastor Dennis Hanson



  • Sunday, October 29:  The Nature of Grace (Reformation Sunday).......Pastor Brian King
  • Sunday, November 5:  Priesthood of All Believers (All Saints Sunday).......Pastor Brian King
  • Sunday, November 12:  Always Reforming.......Pastor Brian King

What is the new Sunday morning schedule?

¨ The first service will be from 9:00 a.m. to 10:00 a.m.

¨ The second service will be from 10:45 a.m. to 11:45 a.m.

¨ This fall, KidzRock (for PreK-6th Graders) and Confirmation Classes (for 7th, 8th and 9th Graders) will meet from 9:30 a.m. to 10:30 a.m.*

¨ There will be opportunities for Bible Studies and Small Groups all across the morning.

¨ The primary time for connecting and building relationships with other Nazareth community members  will be from 10:00 a.m. to 10:45 a.m.


*A note for families who would like to attend the 9:00 a.m. service and who also would like to have their children attend KidszRock and/or Confirmation classes:  There will be KidzRock check-in stations in Fellowship Hall for families to use prior to the 9:00 a.m. service.  Families can worship together for the first half of the 9:00 a.m. service, and then KidzRock and Confirmation students will be dismissed at approximately 9:25 a.m. (typically following a Children's Sermon or special music--just prior to the sermon).  KidzRock leaders will be in Fellowship Hall to greet their students and to walk them to KidzRock.  Confirmation students can go to their classrooms at that time as well.  Parents can pick up their children at 10:30.  (Families also have the option of attending together the 10:45 service in its entirety.)


When will this new schedule begin?

¨ The new worship service schedule began on Sunday, June 11.

¨ The new schedule for KidzRock and Confirmation Classes will begin on Sunday, September 10.


Why can’t we stay with our current schedule?

¨ Based on Nazareth congregational survey feedback as well as data from national surveys, our current Sunday morning schedule begins too early and ends too late.

¨ A “drop off” culture exists and fewer families are worshipping together or attend worship at all.

¨ The number of students worshipping on a Sunday morning is decreasing.

¨ Our current weekly worship attendance is less than 1/3 of our total membership.

¨ There is an insufficient number of volunteers to consistently serve in three services.


What are the primary reasons for making this change?

¨ We believe God is calling us to intentionally cultivate a culture change that encourages people to better live out our mission to “invite all people to know Christ, grow in Christ and make Christ known”.

¨ We believe God is challenging us to deliberately gather people of all ages together for faithful, God-focused worship that is invitational and engaging.

¨ We believe God is leading us to carefully steward our resources while building a relationally renewed culture of unity, community and discipleship.

¨ We believe God is guiding us to purposefully create opportunities for families to worship together.


What can I/we expect from our new worship services?

¨ Both of our Sunday morning services will typically include: singing songs of praise to God; greeting those around us and welcoming visitors; taking time to confess our sins and hear about God’s forgiveness; proclaiming our Christian faith by reciting the Apostles’ Creed; reading aloud Scripture passages; hearing a message based on the Bible; celebrating Holy Communion twice each month; gathering an offering in support of our mission; lifting up those in the congregation and around the world in need of prayer; praying together the Lord’s Prayer; and receiving a sending and benediction blessing.  In addition, on occasion, there will be special events like Baptism or Confirmation and/or there may be a drama performed.

¨ Music at the 9:00 a.m. service will complement the sermon topic through familiar hymns and worship songs.  This service will typically feature the organ and piano, the Nazareth Choir, an “acoustic” worship team, and vocal and instrumental special music.  The lyrics for all of the music will be projected onto our screens, and hymnals will be available, too.

¨ Music at the 10:45 a.m. service will complement the sermon topic through today’s worship songs, including arrangements of familiar hymns.  This service will typically feature a full worship team as well as vocal and instrumental special music.  The lyrics for all of the music will be projected onto our screens.


What steps were taken to come to this decision?

¨ When the “All Hands on Deck” building project was underway, Nazareth leadership and congregation members believed that the “All Things New” idea had to go beyond transforming the physical space to also transforming spiritual lives and practices here at Nazareth.

¨ The Nazareth Church Council formed the Worship Task Force early in 2016, and the first congregational survey was completed at that time.

¨ The Worship Task force facilitated the collection of information from the congregation throughout the past year through the use of additional surveys, focus group meetings, one-on-one conversations, and the study of data from surveys regarding current national worship practices and perspectives.

¨ The recommendation from the Worship Task Force was presented to the Church Council and to Staff Members in April 2017.  The final plan was unanimously approved by the Worship Task Force, by the Church Council and by the Staff.

¨ Moving forward, Nazareth Worship Teams and Church Council members will continue to diligently assess how our Sunday morning offerings help further God’s mission through the people of Nazareth.


If you have any questions at all, members of the Nazareth Worship Task Force would be happy to have a conversation with you.  We are very excited to see how God works in and through the people of Nazareth as we prayerfully prepare for and implement these new changes.  It is a blessing to partner with you as we, living in God’s amazing grace, invite all people to know Christ, grow in Christ and make Christ known.



The Nazareth Worship Task Force



Nancy Graen:

Worship Volunteer/Worship Planning Team Member


Kevin Hansen:

Church Council Member


Kim Hansen:

Director of Children’s Ministries


Pastor Dennis Hanson:

Associate Pastor


Beth Harris:

Church Council Member


Pastor Brian King:

Senior Pastor



Kristina McBurney:

Director of High School Ministries


Jordan McDonald:

Director of Music and Worship Arts


Enrique Ochoa:

Director of Leadership Development


Nathaniel Parrish:

Director of Music and Worship Arts


Nicki Toliver:

Choir Director


Leonard Upham:

Church Council Member

Nazareth hosts several different speakers, each with their own style, vantage point, and voice. Through the pastors and speakers, we encourage and equip people of the congregation to lead their families, businesses, and communities in gospel-centered relationships and practices.


You can watch our Sunday Messages here.


You can access Nazareth Voices Videos here.

At Nazareth, there are many different opportunities to engage in worship via music.


Nazareth Choir

The Nazareth Choir rehearses on Wednesday evenings from 6:30-8:00 p.m. in the Chapel.  This is a choral ensemble designed to serve vocalists from ages 13-102 (and beyond) who are called to serve in worship by enhancing the spoken word with beautiful song.  We offer opportunities to participate in weekly worship. Directed by Dr. Nicki Toliver and assisted by Nathaniel Parrish, this special ministry family supports a safe learning environment for the developing voice of any age and does not require an audition. Come one; come all, with a servant's heart!  New members welcomed anytime! Contact Dr. Nicki Tolliver for more information at


Small Ensemble Worship Band

Rehearsals for the small ensemble worship band are generally Thursdays from 6:00 to 7:00 p.m. in the Worship Center. This ensemble normally uses vocals, piano, acoustic guitar, bass and drums.  Contact Nathaniel Parrish, Director of Music Worship Arts, at for more information.


Full Worship Band

Rehearsals for the full worship band are generally Thursdays from 7:00 to 9:00 p.m. in the Worship Center. This band uses vocals, muliple guitars, keyboards, drums and bass. Members serve on a rotating basis.  Contact Jordan McDonald, Director of Music and Worship Arts, at for more information.


Bell Choir

The Carillon Ringers is an adult bell choir that rehearses on Wednesday evenings from 5:45-6:45 p.m. in Room 207. Led by Nathaniel Parrish, this ensemble presents special music on several Sundays throughout the year.


For more information on Bell Choirs or to sign up, contact Nathaniel Parrish, Director of Music and Worship Arts, at for more information.


Special Music, Instrumental and Vocal

We are always looking for vocalists and instrumentalists who wish to participate either as a soloist or within an ensemble for any of our worship services.  Email Nathaniel Parrish at if you wish to be included in such a capacity on an as-needed basis.

Nazareth's worship and music ministry team has many opportunities for non-musicians to participate in Sunday morning services.  At each of our services, we rely on volunteers to assist with greeting, ushering, serving communion, and reading Scripture.  If you are interested in joining one of the teams below as a way to serve during one or more of the Sunday morning worship services, contact Nathaniel Parrish, Director of Music and Worship Arts, at for more information.



This team serves by welcoming congregation members, guests and visitors as they arrive each Sunday morning at NAZ.  Some members also assist with gathering the offering and assisting with other worship-related responsibilities.


Communion Servers

This team assists with worship by serving communion to congregation members and guests.  Training is provided.


Scripture Readers

This team provides worship support by reading an assigned Scripture passage at the opening of each worship service.


Tech Team

This team is responsible for assisting with the worship service from a technical prospective including running the sound board and slide shows.  Contact Jordan McDonald, NAZ Director of Music and Worship Arts, at to volunteer or for more information.