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Join NAZ volunteers of all ages in spreading the good news of the Gospel of Jesus across our nation and the world!  Click the titles below to learn more about specific mission partnerships.  To connect with someone about U.S. and World Missions at NAZ, email

  • Nazareth Supported U.S. and World Missionaries

    The U.S. and World Missions Leadership team encourages congregation members to become engaged in mission work and to support current missionaries at Nazareth.  Both long-term and short-term opportunities are available, and prayers are always appreciated! (Please note:  Some information and photos have been intentionally withheld to ensure the safety and security of our missionaries.)








    Danny and Nel (and their daughters Emma and Lydia) are working among Muslim people in the Middle East.  Danny, a native of Cedar Falls who was confirmed at Nazareth, leads youth soccer camps with a strong emphasis on spirituality and godliness.  Nel works to encourage a group of women so they can know God loves them and find joy.



    ~with gratitude to God for the good work He is doing to extend His Kingdom in the Middle East; and that God would continue to work in the hearts of new believers.

    ~that Nel's witness through the "Shine" program would point many women to Jesus.

    ~that Danny would continue to be bold in proclaiming God's Word to the lost.

    ~that God would continue to provide protection and blessing upon them and their young daughters.

    Steve and Bethany Friberg and their family are serving in Tanzania.  Steve is a doctor who works in medial clinics that serve nomadic Maasai people in remote areas.  Bethany works with the "Bead Ladies"--Maasai women who have a small business of creating beadwork to provide a means of supporting themselves and their families.



     ~thanks and praise for the completion of chainlink fence, water connection and other improvements to the Naapok property (bead project location) funded by Nazareth Endowment Committee.

    ~that God will use the conflict, chaos, and instability across North Africa and the Middle East to open up the Muslim world to the Good News of Jesus as only God’s activity that can bring spiritual, physical, and social change.

    Jim and Marissa Stamberg are cultivating future church leaders in Alaska, utilizing Jim's training as a missionary pilot and flight instructor.



    ~that our work via SEND North with people will be effective at making reproducing disciples, and that God will send more workers for the harvest field. We have identified about 30 villages in Alaska and Northern Canada that we would like to assign new missionaries right now.

    ~for safety in traveling

    ~for emotional stamina while we visit with many different people

    ~that God will raise up many new people to serve in Alaska and Canada

    ~that we will get adequate time of rest while we are on Home Service

    ~that God will bring in the remaining monthly support that we need

    Josh and Melanie Dilly are directors of Caribbean partnerships with Storyline Missions. The goal of Storyline is to accelerate missions sending from areas of the world that have been reached to the most unreached areas: those in the 10/40 window. The Dillys have five biological children and added two little girls last year through adoption.  The Dillys are working with organizations, denominations, and leaders in Haiti, Trinidad & Tobago, Cuba, Antigua & Barbuda, Grenada, Puerto Rico, Guyana, Guadeloupe, and Diaspora churches in New York to strengthen sending from the local church. This summer their family of nine will be spending a month in Cuba developing partnerships. Cuban churches are looking at strategic ways to send a team to North Africa.



    ~that God would continue to use their work to reach those they serve.

    ~that God would continue to help each member of their family grow closer to Him and closer together.








    Kent and Shelly serve, using the gifts of communications and creative media, to bring the good news of the gospel to unreached communities.



    ~Praises that Kent is able to be in Bangladesh through early April and that Shelly is able to join him for two months.

    ~Pray for the new BCM branch being opened in SE Bangladesh. This is where Rahingya refugees entered Bangladesh. Pray that the new branch will help meet the needs of the refugees and that the BCM branch will help communicate those needs to the world. Pray for wisdom and guidance for all of the decisions and logistics they need to work through in the next few months.

    ~Pray that two new foreign families from Germany transition well into Bangladesh and the SE region.  Pray for good networking relationships with organizations in the SE region - that the Lord would guide us to like-minded clients who long for lasting fruit, not just temporal relief.

    ~Pray that the Lord will provide the funding needed to complete the Coram Deo online platform in Bangladesh. Pray for the team producing the workbook that will augment the course - that they will select relevant content that can help move people toward heartfelt transformation and that they will be divinely inspired by the Holy Spirit.

    ~Pray for discernment in knowing whether to move to Bangladesh more permanently (as opposed to traveling there multiple times each year).

    ~Pray for opportunities to work with other organizations, and for wisdom in determining how to manage requests for producing initial videos free of charge.  Pray that the videos will introduce many young people to the Gospel.

    ~Pray for the over 6 million people who watched various programming on their YouTube channel, MoyurMedia.  Pray for wisdom to plan strategically for how to follow up with viewers, and for the funding necessary to follow up.

    ~Pray for the people in Bangladesh. There are over 162 million people who don’t know anyone who knows Jesus, so even if they wanted to learn about him, they have no one to ask. Pray that God will send more workers into this harvest field and that the harvest will be fruitful.

    Burton Adrian, Nazareth's U.S. and World Missions partner serving in Indonesia, has these prayer requests:



    ~for the victims and survivors of the earthquakes in Lombok, that they may be strengthened in their faith.

    ~for other workers to come and join the harvest field.

    ~that God keeps opening doors for Burton and that he remains strong so he might increase in boldness when God presents opportunities to build His Church.

    ~for clear direction for Burton regarding exactly where God wants him to serve in Indonesia.

    ~for Burton's many experiences within the Indonesian culture, from meeting people in many walks of life to working hand-in-hand with other missionaries already serving there.









    Matt and Cara returned recently from the Middle East and now live in the eastern United Stated where Matt is a PhD. student, while Cara does mobilization work and works with the local Middle Eastern community.



    ~that God will change the hearts of those who are resistant to His Word.

    ~that the local church will continue to be a strong partner with them.

    ~that their trip to Florida will be fruitful as Cara interviews new candidates who hope to join Pioneers and head out into the world; that the boys will enjoy the kids’ program learning about the nations; and they will have a fun family time together on the Pioneers campus.

    ~for Cara and the boys as they stay home while Matt goes to the UK for the month of May

    ~for increased opportunities to meet and relate to international students, especially for a new student from Mauritania who is very lonely

    Paul and Jay Mikaelsen are serving with World Mission Prayer League in Caranavi , Bolivia, where they work with Christian broadcasting Radio/Television Caranavi to bring the good news of the Gospel to people there.



    ~for Paul as he installs new equipment and for Jay as she installs a new accounting system.


    ~for all of the RTC workers as they proclaim Christ's Good News through this ministry.


    ~that God's message through TV and Radio will continue to bless the listening audience throughout Bolivia and wherever it is heard.


    ~that the financial needs of RTC are met in order to keep this ministry going.

    Shannon and Lisa Sandquist are serving in Christ's name in Colorado Springs, where they lead the Global Student Program for the Navigators by training young leaders from around the country in ministry and encouraging them to deepen their walk with God and grow in Bible studies.



    ~ that the GSP participants from 26 countries will be able to take what they have learned and the ways that they have been transformed to make an impact for Christ in their home countries.

    ~that we are rejuvenated after pouring out our lives with these precious young leaders all summer.

    ~that all of the EDGE Corps staff who are on college campuses would be used by God in amazing ways.

    ~that Jesus may meet the many needs around us in ways He only can.




    Mark and Maki Wolter have been serving in Japan, where less than 2% of the population knows Christ.  They lead Bible studies and do evangelism in their neighborhood.



    ~for their work with the LAMB Hospital in Northern Banladesh.

    ~for discernment and wisdom as they navigate personnel issues.

    ~for their preaching, teaching, Bible study, and home ministry initiatives.

    ~for the students they teach and their parents.

    ~for their neighbors and friends who are still seeking to trust their lives fully to God.

    ~for people in the communities they serve to stand up and lead for the cause of Christ.

    ~for direction in regards to how best to invest their time for God's glory.


    Matt and Jen Reisetter live in Cedar Falls, where Matt serves as  the U.S. Director of The Life Project and The Digital Doorway, global ministry initiatives of Power to Change, which is Canada's arm of Campus Crusade for Christ International



    ~for more Mentees: So that our online content draws more people into online conversations with mentors.

    ~for more Mentors: Our goal is 5000 by the end of 2020.

    ~for more Ministry Partners: We give our strategy and technology to like-minded churches and ministries for the sake of exponential Kingdom impact!

    ~for more Money: Financial resources are needed to draw mentees to our mentors for the sake of spiritually fruitful Christ-centered conversations, which point people to real-life interactions with churches and Christians around the world.

  • H2 Jamaica: Hope and Health for Jamaica

    2017 H2 Jamaica: Hope and Health for Jamaica

    Dr. Neil Williams from Nazareth brought Nazareth’s first medical team to Jamaica in 1990.  He wanted to start a tradition of Nazareth members and others personally participating in overseas mission projects.  2017 marks our 28th year of ministering to people in the interior portions of this island nation and our medical mission is called “Hope and Health to Jamaica” or H2Jamaica.


    We had 52 participants from Alaska to Massachusetts and everywhere in between with 29 from the Cedar Valley and 13 from Nazareth.  Our mission typically occurs the first two weeks in February, this year from February 4 to 16.  Over 8 clinic days our three medical teams and two dental teams saw 1,583 individuals.  Our construction team installed 17 one-quarter acre irrigation systems for subsistence farmers and built safety rails around a gazebo we constructed last year at “Gift of Hope”, a Roman Catholic residential facility for severely challenged children.


    The various teams have many stories to share from our 2017 trip, but one that stands out occurred after our group installed an irrigation system for a lady named Rachel.  After each installation, one of our group asks the recipient if we can pray over their field.  Hank Wellnitz from Nazareth asked Rachel if she could start out and he would finish the prayer.  Rachel started praying the most beautiful prayer, thanking God for the wonder of his creation, the glory of his salvation and various other items of praise.  We were all captivated by the Spirit’s presence in her prayer and when she finished after 2 or 3 minutes, Hank simply said, “What can you say after that but “Amen!”  We all joined in with a heartfelt “Amen!”


    This trip is due, in part, to a large effort by Barb and Bob Ericson. If you're interested in participating in this outreach, contact Barb at (319)493-5039 or at


  • Medical Mission to Tanzania

    $48,593 was raised in 2013 for a special Medical Mission Project to Tanzania.  Praise God for the generosity of so many people! A 40-foot container with an x-ray machine and medical supplies was shipped to Dr. Steve and Bethany Freiberg for use in their clinic.


    Project include shipping and installing an x-ray machine, providing medical supplies, helping complete construction of a Tanzania church, renovating nurses’ housing, and providing training for evangelists.


    In June 2014, members of Nazareth traveled to Tanzania to assist with the completion of these projects.

  • Coffee and Tea: Fair Trade for Small Farmers

    When you purchase a bag of Lutheran World Relief fair-trade coffee, you're doing much more than just buying a delicious beverage. You're contributing to world justice. The Lutheran World Relief Coffee Project ensures that coffee farmers receive a fair price that covers their cost of production and guarantees them a living wage for their labor. To purchase fair-trade coffee, stop by the Coffee Shop in the Family Life Center or the Information Desk in Fellowship Hall on Sunday mornings or visit the church office during the week. Coffee is $7 per bag and tea is $3 per bag.

  • Kits and Quilts

    The Kits & Quilts team gladly accepts your fabric donations throughout the year. Thread is also welcomed!  Throughout the year, the team works together to create a multitude of quilts which will be of comfort to people in need all around the world.


    In addition to making quilts, this team also puts together personal care kits, baby care kits and school kits on a regular basis.


    All of the Kits and Quilts are distributed worldwide via Lutheran World Relief.


  • Caribbean Christian Centre for the Deaf in Jamaica

    We serve at two deaf schools in Jamaica over spring break in Kingston and Knockpatrick in partnership with CCCD (Caribbean Christian Centre for the Deaf) and DeafCan Coffee.  This trip focuses on Relationships: Relationship with God, Relationships with each other and Relationships with the community.

  • Naapok Bead Project of Ketumbeine, Tanzania

    In an effort to preserve the dignity of the Maasai women of Tanzania; and to open their lives for emotional, physical and spritual redemption, Nazareth facilitates the sale of their beautifully hand-crafted, beaded jewelry.


    As a result of a partnership with Ketumbeine Lutheran Church in Tanzania, the Naapok Bead Project has given these women the opportunity to make and sell their amazing beadwork, an art form their people have long valued, in order to empower them to alleviate their struggles with extreme poverty and neglect.


  • Nyaka AIDS Orphans Project, Uganda

    In June 2016 and June 2017, Nazareth was blessed to receive a visit from Jackson Kaguri, the Founder and Executive Director of the Nyaka AIDS Orphans Project.  The mission of the project is to work on behalf of HIV/AIDS orphans in rural Uganda to end systemic deprivation, poverty, and hunger through a holistic approach to community development, education, and healthcare.  Mr. Kaguri shared his powerful story with congregation members and with all of the children in attendance at VBS.


    A viewing of the award-winning documentary film about His life, "Cornerstone", will be shown in Bethel Hall on Saturday, June 17, at 7:00 p.m.  This viewing is open to the public.  Mr. Kaguri will also speak at both worship services on Sunday, June 18.  For more information about Nyaka, go to





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